Your Results - High Maintenance

We get it. You’re a savvy successful woman and you want what you want and you want it now! Good for you for standing up for yourself, but sometimes that strength can come across as a bit…presumptuous?? High maintenance?? High Maintenance women can be goddesses and bosses rolled into one.

Typically, women who fall into this category share these traits:

● You jump to conclusions a little too quickly rather than staying open and being patient enough to let things unfold naturally

● You have high expectations that are sometimes…too much too soon.

● You have a specific idea about when men should say and how they should act and if his actions don’t match that picture in your head, you are quick to dismiss him as not worthy!

It’s time for a reality check. You have so much to offer and the right man will see your high maintenance side as the mark of a queen. But you’ve got to let him close enough first!

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