The Feeler Frequency!

First, let me reassure you that you are in my heart and that the feelings you are currently feeling are temporary.

You are in victim mode – it feels that so much has happened TO you.

You are stuck in the blame/shame/victim game. And it’s ok. It’s a REALLY easy trap to fall into.

You have suffered, and because of that, have come to believe that there are no good men out there or that if there ARE, they won’t like you or want you.

You are afraid to take risks. You feel “less than” or “not good enough,” “inadequate” and afraid of rejection. It’s hard for you to try again after previous rejections and heartbreak.

You don’t know how to hold boundaries with men so they treat you poorly, which reinforces that belief that there are no good men out there.

You always pick the wrong men and fear they won’t like you or will leave you. You pick men who are emotionally unavailable, needy or broken.

You tend to attract men that don't step up. It’s exhausting, and eventually you start to believe that you are better off alone. But you know, deep down, that you are longing to share your life with someone. And you will!

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