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Here’s a little about what’s inside:

  • Why men pull away—Discover the truth about why he’s keeping some distance between you. Good or bad, you need to know what’s going on so you can stop worrying, be confident, and act.
  • What to do when he disappears—This one can be tricky, but I have you covered. Don’t keep staring at the phone wondering when you’ll hear from him. Read this section to get a peek into what’s really going on!
  • Text messages that work—These are some of my all-time favorites for grabbing his attention and getting a response! Check these out to spice things up, determine if he’s really interested, and more.
  • The Man Plan Dictionary—If you’ve struggled to decipher man code before, I mean who hasn’t, then check out this section to figure out what he REALLY means and know exactly how to respond. This is a sneak peek into his mind that is so incredibly valuable for any woman in the dating world!