Your Love Forecast Results:
Your forecast is...entirely up to YOU!

Which is both scary and AMAZING. As you are, if you’d like to find love this year you need to become an energetically match to it.

Deep down you DO want it, you just have some fear and trust issues and we can fix that. The role you’re playing right now is that of the Gatekeeper. Your goal is to step into the Feminine Siren. That means you’ve got to let go of the past, never shame yourself for the experiences that didn’t go so well and embrace the possibility that the right guy is still out there, waiting for you to find him.

Only then will your walls come down. Only then will your heart open wide to be loved and cared for by a man who not only can handle your independent wild side but is entranced by it!

Your Shadow Side:
Stubborn, close-minded, critical, resentful.