I believe that every single one of us deserves to find a fulfilling and deep soul love. You are ready to fall in love.

And, I can help you do it.

If you landed on this page then you know, deep down, that you are ready for love.

I want to congratulate you for your courage, and for your willingness to open your heart and soul to a new way of finding, attracting and keeping the love of your life.

Dr. John Gray

Jaki you are a perfect embodiment of masculine and feminine energy. What women need today are role models of women being this and doing this at the same time. I just want to acknowledge you and say that you are one of the few women that I have ever met that express that beautiful blend”

Dr. John Gray, Author of Men are From Mars, Women are From Venus

Something extraordinary happens when a woman opens her heart.

The world opens up to her in return. As you connect to your core self, as you repair your emotional strength, unleash your feminine essence and tune into exactly what you want, the universe rises up and meets you half way.

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The journey doesn’t begin on the first date. The journey begins within. Your personal transformation is the bridge to the love you want.

Engaged at Any Age has given birth to many brides. You just might be next!


Jaki helped me get very clear about what I wanted~ I comprised a list and began the journey of valuing me. In January I decided to date again and met Steve. Around six months later he took me on a picnic and I got more than food! He said he had something for me and he pulled a little box out of the picnic basket and handed it to me, it had a beautiful engagement ring in it! He said "you are the woman I want to spend the rest of my life with!” I said “Yes!” Thank you Jaki for all your guidance!


Here’s what you can expect:

Module I ~ Developing your Personal Presence

  • We will create your custom Soulmate Map - the GPS that will lead you to your love by way of an extraordinary relationship with yourself.
  • Embody your authentic feminine radiance as a celebration and affirmation of life, and effortlessly begin attracting your ideal man.
  • Learn how to have an empowered relationship with your feelings and emotions in order to avoid the pitfalls of where you’ve been stopped in life before now.
  • Full customized profile creation.

Module II ~ Beliefs, Blocks & Boundaries

  • Learn to transform your limiting beliefs at their core and finally be liberated from the unconscious replication of past relationships, becoming free to unleash your highest potentials in love.
  • Develop your mind to create powerful belief systems, release old programming and “past relationship” pain and learn to set clear boundaries as a bridge to attracting the man who will honor you fully.
  • Your unconscious beliefs create a perception of a lower sense of value or worth. Left unexamined they create dysfunction and can cause your self worth to plummet based on your actions.

Module III ~ Attraction & Activation of the Feminine

  • Discover the source of Feminine Power within yourself, and begin accessing the power you need to realize your highest flourishing and thriving to connect deeply with a man.
  • I am going to show you how to be irresistible. No joke. We’ve tested the specific skills and behaviors that create deep and intense attraction.
  • You will learn how to flirt, how to send the right messages and how to trigger the response you want in the man you want!

Module IVNavigating a New Relationship

  • Learn how to master communication and foster intimacy in a new relationship.
  • Learn to create ecstatic intimacy and deepened connection with your community that will support you to come into the full expression with your connection with a man.
  • Learn the essential differences between ordinary friendships and evolutionary love partnerships, and why you absolutely must up-level your relationships in order to realize the greatest possibilities of your love life.

Module VConnecting with Community

  • Learn the art of connecting in your community of women to cultivate intimacy and foster deep, life lasting relationships with women who will support you on your journey in love and life.
  • Learn how to collaborate and create with others to unleash limitless co-creativity to fulfill your mutual potentials on your journey home to love.
  • Learn to celebrate the power and unique radiance of all women, encouraging your sisters to rise to the fullness of who they are, and experiencing that level of support in return.

Life may be short but it doesn’t have to be lonely.

Julie (newly engaged!)

Jaki told me I was making it too easy for men and by pulling away he would commit or not. Jaki taught me about my worth, that the right man would show up and not make me feel like I had to settle for scraps and to look for a man that would enjoy my company and was dependable.

Julie (newly engaged!)

Michelle & Ian Hollingsworth

"Jaki the universe is starting to respond finally. I’ve been asked out three times in the space of 24 hours. I’m so grateful I’m in your program. I could never had done this without you and the Group!" Andrea 9-15-15

It’s true, you don’t NEED a relationship to live a happy life. But you want one. And that’s all that matters.

A happy life is built upon fulfilling your deepest desires.

And if what you most desire is to fall madly in love, join us.

Write your love story.


The Details:

Price: $427.00 per month for 12 months
Hurry! Grab your spot before it’s too late!

Hurry! Only 10 spots left!
Only 5 2 spots left!

"The relationship between Tom and I is fast growing and now we are entering the stage of boyfriend and girlfriend! Only after 4 months I have found my soulmate! Jaki, I could not of done it with out you!" 10-29-15 Barbara

Structure of Program

  • The Engaged at Any Club runs from Monday, October 17th, 2016 through October 16th, 2017 .
  • 3 live 60 minute interactive calls per month, plus replays you keep forever!
  • 1 Guest Expert Speaker per month with Q&A and replay.
  • 1 Private one-on-one 60 minute Love Strategy call where I lay out a personalized, step-by-step Love Plan for you. (Booked as soon as you make your deposit).
  • 6 30-minute Private laser focused calls to give you deeper clarity and that will keep you on a fast track to align with your soulmate.
  • An exclusive, on-line community of amazing women so you can build friendships, share your stories and receive additional support and coaching in a private secret Facebook group.

Listen to Jaki. I am very alpha and Jaki suggested that I be more in my feminine energy when it calls for it. I am in an amazing relationship now with talks about marriage in the future. I am learning everyday but I've mastered a lot...most importantly knowing what I want in a partner and knowing who I am. When you know who you are and you won't settle for anything less you'll start attracting the right men to date then from there narrow it down even more and explore if this is the right one for you. As women we have a lot of power but we also need to know how to use that. You are in good hands here!"


BONUS: Click the link below and as soon as you are registered I will send you your bonus gift bundle including:

  • Jaki’s e-book: Single to Committed: 7 Steps to Attract and Keep the Love of Your Life
  • Engaged at Any Age August Summit with 31 Interviews
  • How to Be Irresistible! The exact method I used to attract my man! audio
  • Open to Love, Guided Visualization Meditation (meet your man on the beach) audio
  • How To Get Men To Fall Into Your Lap audio
  • The entire 6 Month Miracle Project by Gina Hussar
  • Quick-Start Online Dating e-book
  • Self Mastery: A Journey Home to Yourself book & audio
  • HuMan Handbook, Transformational Truisms book & audio

"Each week I’m expanding and growing. I’m so much more confident with men now. I’m shifting in ways I never thought possible. I love this Group! I love you Jaki!" Rachel 11-4-15


I am living proof that this system works and this is a small investment for life-long love.

Click here to join or here to set up a free “Question and Answer” call with me right away!


$400 holds your spot! Deposits are non-refundable.